Amazon Web Services and Virtana

Migrate, Optimize, and Manage Application Workloads Across AWS

Simplify hybrid cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. Modern technology and services provide you the clarity needed to take control of your infrastructure and transform your AWS operations so you can deliver a superior user experience. Virtana modernizes IT by guiding users on a journey migrating, optimizing, and managing application workloads across AWS, private-, hybrid-, and multi-cloud environments from a single pane of glass while ensuring performance, minimizing risk, and reducing expense.

Virtana Platform

Virtana Platform is a unified SaaS solution for migrating, optimizing, and managing application workloads across AWS, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. The platform offers a “know before you go” approach to AWS migration so you can confidently select which workloads are best suited for AWS. By collecting high-fidelity data and applying proprietary AI including ML and advanced data analytics, Virtana Platform delivers precision observability of workloads so you can make data-driven decisions about what to migrate while ensuring SLAs are met while staying on budget once workloads are operating in AWS. Learn More | Watch Video


Virtana Migrate

Virtana Migrate, powered by Virtana Observe, delivers full visibility into existing on-premises workloads (including on-premises performance SLAs, dependencies, performance requirements, etc.) and the tools to make the data-driven decisions about application priorities, grouping, and deployments, so you can plan smarter and get AWS migrations right the first time, every time. Our deep knowledge of application workload behavior means you will understand in advance how your workloads will perform before migration.

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Virtana Optimize

With Virtana Optimize, you can increase your advantage by optimizing your AWS capacity and cost in real time on an ongoing basis. Our real-time data collection and analytics identify unused resources that can be eliminated so you can stay on budget, even as conditions and options change, and avoid an end-of-month billing surprise.

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Virtana Platform –
Precision Observability for Hybrid Clouds

Dramatically simplify migration planning, optimization, and management of workloads regardless of their location

Digital Guardian Increases AWS Resource Efficiency While Expanding Services

With over 700 enterprise customers depending on Digital Guardian’s SaaS-based DLP offering it proved challenging to get a simple, complete view of AWS resource usage. With help from Virtana, Digital Guardian was able to increase the efficiency of its AWS infrastructure resource usage by 45% while the number of EC2 server instances used grew from 650 to 800.

Case Study



Imagine if your organization suddenly had a quarter-million dollars freed up in your engineering budget without having to sacrifice on performance. What would you do with it?