Intelligent cost comparison

Know how your workloads impact your costs so you can make better any-to-any migration decisions

Multi-cloud rightsizing

Evaluate which cloud configuration drives optimal performance across your entire infrastructure

Resource planning

Identify application dependencies and test what-if scenarios that lead to successful migrations

Enable productive cloud conversations across your entire organization

The tools you need to customize, add, remove, and recalculate dependencies to optimize your migration plan


Intelligent cost comparison

Make better decisions about workload priorities, groups, dependencies, and deployments for any-to-any migrations
  • Get detailed cost comparisons so you can build compelling business cases to justify specific cloud migrations
  • Uncover actionable data insights that justify moving some workloads to the cloud and keeping others private
  • Optimize workload placement across your entire environment, including edge, private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises applications

Multi-cloud rightsizing

Get the infrastructure visibility to successfully migrate your workloads where it makes the most sense for your business.
  • Evaluate collected performance and sizing data to compare costs across multiple public clouds
  • Facilitate the most efficient configurations based on risk, performance, and consumption
  • Select the best-fit public or private cloud provider based on your needs

Resource planning

Accelerate application dependency mapping discovery and “move groups” definitions
  • Leverage data science algorithms to quickly identify application dependencies and separate business applications from shared services.
  • Discover suggested application “move groups” that drive improved analysis and more efficient migration strategies
  • Test what-if scenarios before your migration events, helping you decide where and when to move your application

Visibility into how our applications interacted with each other was critical in making the right data center decisions. It's really important to understand what those interdependencies are before applications are migrated. Even if we stayed on-prem, Virtana Migrate gave us the knowledge to see how we can optimize our current environment—and that alone pays for itself time and time again.

Bill Hite

CTO of Grange Insurance

The Complete Cloud Migration Planner

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