Eliminate Storage Workload Cost and Performance Surprises

Easily acquire and analyze storage workload data and correlate workload I/O profiles to performance, so you can maintain desired levels and avoid over-provisioning your storage infrastructure.

Pre-Configured Protocol Workload Models Library

  • Define and control key I/O access patterns with a simple web interface and deploy them to a test bed using a wide range of sample workload models (e.g., iSCSI, FC, NFSv3, NFSv4.1, SMB2/3, Amazon S3, and OpenStack Swift).
  • Specify I/O characteristics for read and write independently and select data content in the payload.
WW - Protocol Workload Models

Pre-Configured Application Workload Examples Library

  • Use customizable workload models that are characterized and pre-configured for specific applications (e.g., OLTP, VDI, and various NFS and SMB workloads including OLTP database, file server, photo server, streaming video, Linux server, Windows server, and web server).
  • Generate realistic and highly accurate workloads without requiring extensive research and manual data collection.
WW - Application Workload Examples

Workload Iterator

  • Easily automate iterations over hundreds of application and protocol parameter permutations.
  • Quickly find the breaking points (blind spots) and optimal workloads (sweet spots) in your storage arrays.
  • Options for possible permutations include block sizes, read vs. write percentages, sequential vs. random percentages, number of files and folders (NAS), LUN hot spots (SAN), load profiles, deduplication and compression ratios, FC queue depth, and more.
WW - Workload Iterator

Composite Workload Editor

  • Create many different workloads across various storage protocols and run them all at the same time against the storage infrastructure.
  • Test your workloads in realistic and holistic simulated production environments, including those commonly found in virtualized infrastructures.
WW - Composite Workload Editor

Test Lab Administration

  • Create and save configurations (network profiles) for test beds, devices under test, etc.
  • Easily and simply deploy tests to pre-configured test beds while also enabling network administrators to enforce network constraints to minimize IP space conflicts, VLAN congestion, and other issues.
WW - Test Lab Administration

Simple Collaboration

  • Share WorkloadWisdom resources—such as workload generators, ports, tests, and test results—with specified groups or individuals based on their role within the organization.
  • Enhance both efficiency and security by ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.
WW - Simple Collaboration