ServiceNow and Virtana

Enhanced Service Management with ServiceNow Integration

Connecting monitoring and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes is critical to ensure efficient and effective management of IT performance and availability. Virtana VirtualWisdom’s two-way integration and bi-directional synchronization with ServiceNow® ensures nothing falls through the proverbial crack.


How VirtualWisdom Adds Value

VirtualWisdom and ServiceNow integration enables incidents to be automatically created, updated, and closed within ServiceNow while reducing the recurring-alarm noise common when monitoring systems are integrated with IT service desk incident management processes.

VirtualWisdom can automatically create incidents for application or infrastructure issues covering:

  • IT infrastructure performance, availability, health or error states (e.g., CRC errors)
  • The health of VirtualWisdom itself (such as a fan failure in the appliance or hardware probes)

Ensure Efficient IT Performance and Incident Management with VirtualWisdom

VirtualWisdom enables application discovery and importation from local and cloud instances of ServiceNow Business Service, Manual Service, and Technical Services.


Automatic Synchronization

Two-way synchronization when progress and updates are logged in either system


Business Criticality Mapping

Associate business criticality with VirtualWisdom tiers and alarm thresholds