Increase Your Advantage with Smarter Cloud Scaling

Multi-Cloud deployments are increasing, but at least 32% of cloud spending is wasted

With Virtana Optimize, you can increase your advantage by optimizing your capacity and cost in real time on an ongoing basis. Our real-time data collection and analytics identify unused resources that can be eliminated so you can stay on budget, even as conditions and options change, and avoid an end-of-month billing surprise.

  • Demystify cloud costs through our bill analysis capabilities and cost vs. utilization reports
  • Automatically optimize Amazon EC2 and Azure VM instances with our rightsizing recommendations
  • Automatically identify unused compute instances, storage on stopped instances, and unattached storage blocks
  • Easily track the amortized value of your programmatic discounts at the instance level and conduct what-if analysis to evaluate potential savings

Proactively Identify Wasted Resources and Expense through Precision Observability

Optimize your instances and storage to save money

Abandoned and unused cloud resources are a chronic problem. Virtana Optimize idle resource reports help you:

  • Automatically identify unused compute instances that are candidates for termination
  • Find storage blocks no longer attached to a compute instance, or attached to a stopped instance
  • Discover unattached load balancers and idle elastic IP addresses
  • Quickly spot wasted spend with proactively emailed reports

Get and Stay Rightsized

Optimize capacity with the workload, the first time

Virtana Optimize’s powerful analysis and recommendation tools enable you to confidently cost-optimize your cloud resources.

  • Automatically optimize Amazon EC2 and Azure VM instances with our rightsizing recommendations
  • Tune sizing based on your organization’s risk tolerance with “What-if” analysis that includes CPU, memory, I/O, and ingress and egress charges
  • Safely adjust over-allocated resources to save on your bill without risking production
  • Avoid long-term programmatic discount commitment mistakes by finding the ideal resource settings before purchase
  • Quickly adjust to changes in cloud service provider offerings to optimize cost structures
Bill analysis report

Optimize Your Programmatic Discounts (Reservations)

Precision Observability helps you proactively identify wasted resources

Ensure your cloud resource planning meets SLAs and stays on budget through real-time data collection and analytics. With Virtana Optimize you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve long-term savings by

  • Avoiding over-commitment of programmatic discounts by accurately accounting for daily peak and non-peak usage
  • Tracking the amortized value of your programmatic discount usage at the instance level
  • Isolating the scope of your analysis using cloud native tags and attributes
  • Conducting what-if analysis for potential for savings in varied scenarios
Future Migration Planning
Know Before You Go

Cloud migration is rarely a “one-and-done” affair. A successful migration takes a phased approach that transitions select workloads after a thorough assessment of dependencies and suitability for deployment in cloud environments. Virtana Migrate provides you with full visibility into existing workloads so you can plan smarter by making the best decisions about application priorities, grouping, and deployments. Ensure that you will get cloud migrations right the first time, every time.

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Forrester Total Economic Impact – How to find $2M in cost savings

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$2 million in cost savings through Virtana hybrid infrastructure optimization


“Virtana Optimize was able to immediately show us our complete AWS resource set, and how fully those resources were utilized … It takes the drama out of understanding all the nuances of AWS resource selection, helping us to keep resource consumption in budget while also delivering on SLAs.”

Jason Rachwal

Director, Cloud Services, Digital Guardian

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Unified and Simplified

With Virtana Optimize you can scale smarter by making data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure so you can increase your competitive advantage. But did you know that Virtana can also help you plan smarter? With Virtana Migrate, you can make data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure investments prior to cloud migration so you can know before you go. Virtana can also help you act smarter by simplifying your hybrid cloud management and operations with Virtana Manage or VirtualWisdom for traditional infrastructure solutions.

Dive Deep into Virtana Optimize

Find out how the Virtana Optimize can help you confidently optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure to scale smarter and increase your competitive advantage.
Expertly Manage Your Cloud

Leverage simple yet powerful analytics to lower cloud costs and assure performance. Utilize deeper and more real-time data to manage cloud migrations and resources.