Improved collaboration

Foster company-wide collaboration across teams with a single platform that uses the most accurate data sets of your multi-cloud infrastructure

Enhanced optimization

Balance resources and costs without impacting application performance with our deep, highly accurate definition data collection tools

Greater agility

Make AI-powered, data-driven decisions about workload placement to or from public and private clouds and manage them regardless of where they are

Your highly modular, scalable multi-cloud insights platform

Use the platform that gives you the data to effectively manage your entire IT infrastructure across on-premises and cloud deployments.


Infrastructure Performance Management

  • Optimize Storage by 35% – Improve storage utilization, increase environmental efficiency, and reduce maintenance fees by identifying storage arrays you can decommission
  • Consolidate Switches by 50% – Identify underutilized switches (connectivity-based) and consolidate overprovisioning of your switch ports
  • Rightsize Workloads by 30% – Get AI-powered recommendations to ensure the highest possible hypervisor CPU and memory utilization at the lowest cost without impacting performance
capacity-projections-lt blue

Capacity Planning

  • Infrastructure capacity forecasting – Forecast future demand based on usage patterns and risk exposure
  • Scenario-based capacity projections – Anticipate business requirements based on planned growth or changes
  • Resource trend analysis – Identify potential availability issues before they occur

Cloud Cost Management

  • 20 minutes to ROI – Set up Virtana CCM and identify savings opportunities in less than 20 minutes
  • 30% reduction in cloud costs – Leverage FinOps-as-Code to get actionable insights that offer a unique focus on the balance between performance, risk, and cost
  • 40% cheaper than competitors – Get a full-featured cloud cost management solution that grows with your business and gives you peace of mind

Workload Placement

  • Intelligent cost comparison – Know how your workloads impact your costs so you can make better, any-to-any migration decisions
  • Multi-cloud rightsizing – Evaluate which cloud configuration drives optimal performance across your entire infrastructure
  • Resource planning – Identify application dependencies and test what-if scenarios that lead to successful migrations

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