Avoid interruptions by identifying hundreds of minor issues that could become serious problems that lead to outages.

In infrastructure savings

Reduce expenses from the build-up of unnecessary overprovisioning or inaccurate capacity forecasts.

Lower MTTR

Use AI-powered recommendations from continuous hybrid environment monitoring to pinpoint specific issues.


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Infrastructure Observability That Boosts Uptime, Savings, and Performance

Virtana Infrastructure Monitoring is the only full-stack observability platform for your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure that provides the breadth and depth of actionable insights into the performance and health of your global estate in real time and in an easy-to-consume format.

Powerful AI-Based Analytics

Radically simplify problem remediation to reduce MTTR across your hybrid environment by over 90%.

  • Create a unified, collaborative workflow across all your infrastructure services.
  • Leverage our unmatched breadth of data and application-centric analytics to speed problem resolution.
  • Access AIOps to streamline your infrastructure and predict points of failure before they happen.
IPM - Dashboard v2

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Maximize availability and decrease MTTD by 95%.

  • Detect problems so you can resolve them before users are affected.
  • Leverage recommendations with applied analytics that incorporate experience gained from working with hundreds of enterprise clients.
  • Proactively prevent unplanned outages and performance slowdowns.
  • Manage your entire IT infrastructure with a unified workload-centric approach.
IPM - Event VTA

Policy Engine & Event Correlation

Not every event is important for business. Reduce noise by 90% using AIOps.

  • Leverage policy as a code to create policies in no time.
  • Use out-of-the-box policies to suppress duplicate events.
  • Enrich events with business-related information.
  • Auto-create ServiceNow incidents for faster response.
IPM - Topology Map

Vendor-Agnostic Unified Platform

Correlate infrastructure metrics with related events to understand the full context of a request, allowing developers to quickly diagnose and solve problems.

  • Get comprehensive insights into storage, server, network, database, hypervisor, containers, IAAS, or PAAS.
  • Leverage a single pane of glass for AIOps, DevOps, ITOps, SREs, and more.
  • Avoid in-depth training on multiple tools with a simple interface that’s easy to learn and use.
IPM - Inventory v2

Health, Performance, and Capacity/Utilization Metrics

Get metrics that provide deep visibility into your infrastructure.

  • Roll up metrics to minutes, hours, or days.
  • Auto-correlate metrics of entities impacted at the same time.
  • Auto-discover changes in topology.
  • Get comprehensive historical insights based on performance details over multi-year periods.

Built for Ease of Use

Make your infrastructure work harder for you while easing the effort required of your team.

  • An agentless and API-first approach enables easy integration with any other tool in the ecosystem and automatic data enrichment.
  • No impact on system performance.
  • Alfred AI virtual troubleshooting assistant.
IPM - Policy View