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Eliminate manual data gathering

Ditch the static spreadsheets—and the time it takes to map applications to storage and gather data from your individual arrays.

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Improve resource utilization

Get more from your existing storage investments without impacting performance.

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Reduce IT waste

Make smarter capacity decisions and avoid unnecessary expansion.


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Capacity Insights on Your Terms

Virtana CP delivers the storage capacity information you need to make better capacity decisions.

  • Ensure workload availability by knowing you have the capacity you need.
  • Leverage data-based assistance for improved budget planning.
  • Predict when you will run out of capacity.

Executive-Level View of Storage Capacity

Get the information you need without spending lots of engineering hours on compiling the data.

  • Free up your team from low-value work so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Align your capacity requirements with current and future plans.
  • Gain highly accurate insights into capacity usage trends.
Capacity - Exec Level view

Capacity Reports

Group and filter by site and vendor to provide the appropriate level of detail needed.

  • Understand historical consumption to improve planning.
  • Avoid unforeseen capacity issues affecting performance, stability, and budgets.
  • Configure proactive notifications according to your preferences.
Capacity - Trend by Business Unit

Capacity Mapping

Use Virtana Resource Groups to map capacity to applications or lines of business to understand which workloads are consuming capacity.

  • Have complete confidence in knowing the types of hardware and software you are using and the performance of your current workloads.
  • Align capacity usage by department or team, increasing planning accuracy.
  • Adjust capacity based on department needs or changes in project requirements.
Capacity - Drill Down by Site

Trend Analysis

Track monthly capacity trends with historical analysis for more informed capacity planning and to monitor progress during a migration.

  • Get accurate insights from aggregating multiple data sources into one comprehensive view.
  • Automatically capture changes to capacity usage as they happen in real time.
  • Monitor and adjust your capacity plans as requirements and priorities change.
Capacity - Trend

Flexible Report Delivery

Email capacity reports on your schedule or export via download or API to present the right data to the right person at the right time.

  • Involve all the appropriate stakeholders in the planning process and ensure they have the information to make data-driven decisions.
  • Inform relevant stakeholders on changes to the capacity plan that may affect their projects.
Capacity - Trend