How Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Adds Value

Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management knows where applications reside, understands their business value, and employs analytics and correlation to automatically optimize infrastructure.

When deployed in conjunction with your Pure FlashArray, Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management:

  • Auto-discovers and maps applications to Pure infrastructure
  • Provides base-level monitoring for 100+ array metrics
  • Delivers insight into workloads’ stress on storage resources
  • Enables real-time and historical performance visibility
  • Forecasts and manages capacity and utilization across ports, controllers, and blades
  • Manages resource access based on application business value and service levels

Optimize Pure Storage with Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management

Deliver on Digital Transformation through enhanced application availability and business performance

Rapid Problem Resolution

Reduce MTTR by 90% and free staff to drive business priorities

Capacity Management

Correlate consumption trends to avoid capacity and time-to-zero resource issues

Workload Automation

Automation quickly identifies, diagnoses, and solves tough performance issues