20 min

Set up Virtana CCM and identify savings opportunities in less than 20 minutes.

Reduction in cloud costs

Leverage FinOps-as-Code to get actionable insights that uniquely focus on balancing performance, risk, and cost.

Cheaper than competitors

Get a full-featured cloud cost management solution that grows with your business and gives you peace of mind.

Cloud Cost Management That is Simple, Effective, and Affordable

Get per-instance visibility into programmatic discounts, data transfer fees, and instance utilization that provide a near real-time understanding of the true costs of your cloud environments.

A Single View of Your Multicloud Environment

No more toggling between multiple tools to manage multiple clouds.

  • Get detailed insights for the major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Eliminate silos and align strategy across your team to maximize effectiveness and ROI.
  • Receive a cloud-agnostic view of your cloud spend from a single pane of glass.
Cost - Analyze your bill - all 3 cloud providers

Recommendations That Accelerate Outcomes

AI-based rightsizing recommendations that adapt to your evolving business needs.

  • Incorporate what-if scenarios to account for new projects or changes in initiatives.
  • Ensure you use the right VM (e.g., EC2) type based on cost, performance, and risk.
  • Use default policies based on Virtana best practices and customize them to your specific requirements.
Cost - Savings Recs - Right Sizing

Cloud Cost Management with Reliable Forecasting

Say goodbye to cloud-spend guessing and spreadsheets.

  • Get a full 12-month forecast of spend by cloud, based on the rhythm of your business.
  • Leverage continuous bill analysis that intelligently alerts on unexpected changes that drive cloud spend and provides a unified view of actionable saving recommendations.
  • Plan more efficiently and track spend against how you build your P&L.
Cost - Analyze your bill or forecast

Break Down Cloud Costs by Business Centers

Demystify your cloud spend across various resource groups.

  • Seamlessly organize and analyze cloud costs in the context of your business or applications.
  • Track your progress in applying a consistent tagging strategy across your cloud environment.
  • Quickly identify who (or what) caused changes in cloud spend.
Cost - Cost by Business Concept

Build Robust and Adaptable Cloud Governance Policies

Use machine learning and policy-as-code to establish your own custom savings actions.

  • Create custom governance policies using policy-as-code that is easy to adopt and implement.
  • Act on the relevant insights from your platform based on the policies you set.
  • Develop custom policies for specific cloud services (ex: surface Idle Lambda, SQL optimization).


Cost - Analyze Storage Costs

Cloud Cost vs. Utilization Reports

Cloud cost reports that are transparent and easy to understand.

  • Break down shared costs across your multicloud environments.
  • Identify which devices are consuming reservations & savings plans.
  • Pinpoint the source of ‘data transfer’ fees and find under-utilized devices.
  • Analyze trends in utilization to know when to scale up or scale down.
Cost - CvU

Intelligent Idle Resource Recommendations

Immediately surface idle resource recommendations to reduce cloud spend.

  • Set your own custom idle policies to determine when to surface new recommendations.
  • Protect required resources for mission-critical applications and operations.
  • Eliminate false alarms and ensure your team focuses on what really matters.
Cost - Idle Policies

“Virtana Cloud Cost Management was able to immediately show us our complete AWS resource set, and how fully those resources were utilized … It takes the drama out of understanding all the nuances of AWS resource selection, helping us to keep resource consumption in budget while also delivering on SLAs.”

Jason Rachwal

Director, Cloud Services, Digital Guardian

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