Improvement in MTTR

AI-driven anomaly detection and RCA that help you identify and resolve faster than traditional monitoring tools.

Reduction in IaaS Spend

Cloud-native, open-source architecture that delivers unparalleled performance at a fraction of the cost.

Increase in Efficiency

Liberate engineering resources for innovation by minimizing incident-related overhead and tool complexity.

Achieve unmatched performance and reliability for your enterprise applications.

Identify and resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and improve the performance of your cloud-native applications.

AI-Driven Autonomous Monitoring

Harness Advanced AI capabilities to automatically detect anomalies, predict incidents, and optimize performance.

  • Identify anomalies in real-time using AI and ML.
  • Ensure proactive incident management, minimizing service disruptions and customer impact.
  • Optimize resource allocation, reducing operational costs and maximizing ROI through data-driven recommendations.
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Unified Observability Platform

Seamlessly integrate open-source Jaeger, eBPF, Kubernetes, Grafana Loki, and Spinnaker to give you a holistic view of your entire cloud-native infrastructure.

  • Gain an unparalleled holistic view of your entire cloud-native infrastructure.
  • Streamline operations by eliminating toolset complexities, reducing administrative overhead, and fostering collaboration across teams.
  • Accelerate incident resolution with AI-driven correlations and comprehensive visibility across various data sources, enabling quicker detection of issues and root cause analysis.
  • Detect trends and patterns from multiple sources, empowering proactive actions to optimize resources and enhance system performance.
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Smart Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Leverage Fishbone diagrams to help you quickly identify the root cause of incidents.

  • Efficiently identify underlying causes of incidents with contextual traces, flow analytics, and configuration data.
  • Minimize the impact on business operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and preserve brand reputation with AI-powered insights for targeted RCA and resolutions.
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Real-time End-to-End Tracing

Get real-time tracing and monitoring of requests.

  • Track user sessions, services, databases, and serverless functions, enabling swift root cause analysis.
  • Monitor application performance in real-time, ensuring seamless user experiences and reducing bounce rates.
  • Understanding how services interact and consume resources, enabling smarter resource allocation and cost optimization.
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A Future-safe, Open-Source Telemetry Foundation

Application Monitoring is built on open-source Prometheus, Jaeger, eBPF, and Loki, giving you a future-proof architecture that can adapt to new technologies as they emerge.

  • Embrace technological advancements without the risk of vendor lock-in, ensuring continuous scalability and innovation with AI-powered open-source tools.
  • Aligning resource utilization with business needs effortlessly by optimizing costs with the most advanced open-source technologies.
  • Use a flexible and interoperable ecosystem that aligns with your specific requirements.
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