Actionable Observability for Kubernetes Environments

Virtana OpsCruise provides a complete view of your application and container environment for better insights into performance, dependencies, and overall system health for more informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

Kubernetes Dependency Maps

Understand the complex relationships and dependencies of a Kubernetes cluster to quickly identify issues, track resource changes, and monitor service performance.

  • Automatically discover Kubernetes services and resources.
  • Visualize dependencies within the cluster.
  • Get a holistic view of the entire cluster.
OC - Kubernetes Dependency Maps

Time Travel

Empower your team to understand issues, identify root causes, refine processes, and prevent future incidents.

  • Scroll back through time to see past changes and topology.
  • Compare system states before and after changes.
  • Conduct productive and blameless postmortems.
OC - Time Travel

Early Anomaly Detection

Improve the efficiency of issue identification and resolution to reduce downtime and improve system reliability.

  • Automatically detect critical errors and exceptions in log data.
  • Leverage human-coached AI/ML for accurate detection.
  • Focus on critical errors and exceptions.
OC - Early Anomaly Detection

Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces (MELT)

Get all the information you need to understand, manage, and optimize your environment.

  • Automatically collect and retain key metrics, leveraging PromQL to make metric query-writing easy.
  • Get a comprehensive, centralized view of events in your Kubernetes landscape, such as images pulled, containers started, or pods terminated due to memory constraints.
  • Automate log collection, aggregation, analysis, and visualization to reveal vital information about resources in your cluster and eliminate the need for time-consuming command-line queries.
  • Automatically derive golden signals—error rate, throughput, and latency—to monitor applications running on Kubernetes clusters, trace information to detect slow services, and optimize the customer experience.

Real-Time Alerting and AI-Driven Recommendations

Promptly notify teams of potential issues for proactive mitigation, faster response times, reduced MTTR, and minimized operational disruptions.

  • Create advanced alerts based on queries and conditions.
  • Use customizable frequencies to prevent alert fatigue.
  • Get alert recommendations with supervised machine learning.
  • Integrate alerts with multiple notification channels.
OC - Real-Time Alerting