Optimizing Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

Ensure Uptime, Availability, and Performance Across Applications Running on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). VirtualWisdom and VSP enable organizations to get a complete perspective on application service delivery by capturing capacity, usage, performance, and health information from the physical and logical components of VSP architecture, with additional metrics from related, interconnected infrastructure.

How VirtualWisdom Adds Value

VirtualWisdom knows where applications reside and their business value, and employs analytics and correlation to automatically optimize infrastructure. When deployed in conjunction with Hitachi VSP Storage, VirtualWisdom:

  • Auto-discovers and maps applications to storage infrastructure
  • Automatically gathers, analyzes, and reports on relevant statistics from every application transaction
  • Delivers insight into how your application workloads stress your storage resources to ensure no problems go undetected
  • Enables real-time and historical performance visibility from application to database

Optimize Hitachi Storage with VirtualWisdom

Deliver on Digital Transformation through enhanced application availability and business performance

Rapid Problem Resolution

Advanced analytics instantly prove whether infrastructure changes are the cause of application slowdowns


Optimize Provisioning

Workload and Capacity analytics drastically reduce over-provisioning of hosts, switches, and storage


Prevent Hardware Outages

Performance trending identifies hardware degradation to enable preemptive component replacement before failure