VMware & Virtana

Optimizing your VMWare Software-Defined Data Center

Virtana provides VMware customers with market leading solutions for VMware cloud monitoring, analytics and storage performance validation.
VirtualWisdom provides end-to-end visibility into digital infrastructure performance and operation. This comprehensive view into digital resources, enable advanced correlation for identification and root cause analysis.


How VirtualWisdom Adds Value

  • Auto-discovers and maps applications and infrastructure
  • High fidelity compute, network and storage infrastructure monitoring
  • Cross-domain correlation identifies root-cause of issues across silos of infrastructure
  • Machine-learning based analytics rebalance virtualized fabrics and complement VMware DRS and vMotion
  • Workload analytic right-sizes VMs over ESXi at application and host levels
  • Eliminates alarm noise so IT teams receive fewer non-actionable alarms

Optimize vCenter Environments with VirtualWisdom

The Challenges of Managing Software-defined Data Centers


Problem Resolution

Reduce MTTR by 90% and free staff to drive business priorities



VMware Capacity Management

Power agility by aligning capacity to dynamic application needs



Workload Automation

Continuously balance application workloads and infrastructure resources