Make Any User an Expert Troubleshooter

Virtana AI combines the best of generative AI with Virtana- and customer-supplied ML to provide infrastructure troubleshooting intelligence that exponentially expands your team’s know-how to lower MTTR for issues.

Automatic Root-Cause Analysis

Leverage cutting-edge AI and ML tools to evaluate detected issues, correlate them with related objects, and analyze potential causes to reduce MTTR—all without requiring specialized expertise.

AI - RCA related items

Generative AI Integration

Quickly get an explanation of the nature of the problem for any event generated by VirtualWisdom, pinpoint the most common causes, and identify the data deemed most useful for troubleshooting to streamline the resolution process.

AI - RCA troubleshooting guide

Integrated Machine Learning

Leverage ML knowledge from Virtana’s best-in-industry SMEs—with expert-identified high-value alarms integrated into the Virtana AI library—to perform the most accurate automatic root-cause analysis possible.

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Customer-Created Machine Learning

Create and import your own root-cause analysis content, enabling Virtana AI to be a force multiplier of accumulated troubleshooting knowledge.

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Anomaly Detection

Use statistical analysis of historical performance information from VirtualWisdom to detect anomalous behaviors for proactive action so you can resolve them before their effects are felt.

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