Simplify management of your IT environment

Infrastructure optimization and migration across hybrid, public, and private cloud environments

The biggest challenge facing enterprises seeking to leverage public clouds is how to “know before you go” which workloads to migrate and how to manage workloads operating in the cloud to avoid unexpected costs and performance degradation.


Virtana Platform collects high-definition data and applies AIOps technologies, including machine learning and advanced data analytics, to deliver precision observability of workloads so you can make data-driven decisions about what to move while ensuring you meet SLAs and stay on budget.


With Virtana platform you can:

  • Plan smarter for migrations
  • Scale smarter to increase your competitive advantage
  • Act smarter to simplify all of your IT operations
Virtana Migrate
Know before you go to get migration right the first time, every time.
Virtana Optimize

Meet your objectives through ongoing capacity and cost optimization.

With Virtana Optimize, you can optimize your cloud capacity and cost in real time to achieve complete visibility into your multi-cloud costs. Scale smarter through real-time data collection and analytics to ensure you stay on budget by proactively identifying wasted resources and expense, rightsizing instances to match capacity needs, and optimizing your programmatic discounts to capture long-term savings.

Bill Analysis

Prevent end-of-the month surprises


Address your over-allocated resources and plan for auto-scaling

Idle Resources

Discover wasted spend that’s safe to remove

Planned Purchases

Strike a balance between deep savings and infrastructure agility

Virtana Manage
Ensure cost-effective performance and availability of your critical applications.
Virtana Automate
Security and DevSecOps

Digital transformation requires agility and speed to market, but this too often requires a trade-off with security. With Virtana Automate you can benefit from predictive remediations, integration with automation tools to help you drive action, and compliance policy management and auditing through repeatable processes.


Want to know more about cloud migration?

The Cloud Migration for Dummies e-book combines the knowledge of author Brett McLaughlin, formerly a leader of cloud migration projects for NASA and large hedge funds, with Virtana’s years of direct experience in enabling organizations to confidently deploy cost-optimized hybrid clouds and simplify management of mission-critical applications running in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. 


Our focus is firmly on accelerating and validating our customers’ digital transformation initiatives! The cloud is a crucial element, and at Presidio, our goal is to make the transformative process of cloud migration as seamless as possible. We identified Virtana Platform and expertise as a key combination to enable transformation and drive business value that many of our customers are after. Virtana’s team and technology have demonstrated ROI for Presidio and our clients.

Ryan Harrington,

VP of Enterprise Architecture, Presidio

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Unified and Simplified

With Virtana Platform you can plan, scale, and act smarter through a flexible, modular, and unified SaaS-based offering. But did you know that Virtana can help you migrate, optimize, and manage IT infrastructure with traditional solutions? VirtualWisdom can help you optimize and manage your hybrid infrastructure to ensure cost-effective performance and availability.

Expertly Manage Your Cloud

Leverage simple yet powerful analytics to lower cloud costs and assure performance. Utilize deeper and more real-time data to manage cloud migrations and resources.