Comprehensive container visibility

Compared to legacy architectures, containerized applications introduce an exponential increase in the number of data points, which can create noise and scale challenges when it comes to analyzing the signals necessary for observability. Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management provides microsecond-level visibility into every data transaction at enterprise scale.


This ability to process and analyze tens of thousands of metrics per second, and automatically correlate that data across multiple domains (hypervisor, OS, network and storage) makes it perfect for addressing the sheer volume of metrics introduced by containerized applications, and contextualizing the abstraction layers introduced by virtualized and Kubernetes-based workloads.

Container migration planning

Virtana Workload Placement leverages the breadth of data collected and provided by Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management to classify, organize, and plan for migrations to containers, among other platforms, and provides pricing for containers across multiple cloud vendors as well as on premises.

Container rightsizing

Virtana Cloud Cost Management offers rightsizing recommendations for containers with the ability to customize recommendations with rightsizing policies. Connections into AWS EKS, Azure AKS, and Prometheus provide recommendations that take into account both performance and costs.