The Virtana team will provide comprehensive status reporting on all active cases and is dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • Virtana Workload Placement & Cloud Cost Management
    Support is available 5AM-5PM pacific (M-F)
  • Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Support
    is available 24/7/365
  • Storage Load Testing Support is available 8AM-5PM pacific (M-F)

Virtana has rebranded the naming of certain product offerings to better align with actual functionality.

VirtualWisdom will be referred to as Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management, Virtana Migrate has transitioned to Virtana Workload Placement, and Virtana Optimize is now known as Virtana Cloud Cost Management. And, WorkloadWisdom is now known as Storage Load Testing.

To better serve you, please keep these changes in mind when selecting Support Portals or referencing issues in email communications.

Support Services include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Firmware and software updates and support
  • Warranty services
  • Hardware repair and return

Weekend Severity 1 HOTLINE (For Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management ONLY) : (+1-408-579-4100)

If you are a current customer and not yet a registered user of the customer portal, please contact support.

For Virtana Workload Placement and Cloud Cost Management

Virtana Platform Customer Support Portal
Support button also available within the Platform interface.
Email: [email protected]

For Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Customers and Partners

Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Customer Support Portal
Email: [email protected]

For WorkloadWisdom Customers

WorkloadWisdom Customer Support Portal
Email: [email protected]