Professional Support

Virtana is dedicated to providing our customers with enterprise-class support, with easy and reliable 24/7 access to our support center, online resources, and corrective maintenance services.

The Virtana team will provide comprehensive status reporting on all active cases and is dedicated to your satisfaction.

  • Virtana Platform support is available 12hr/5days (M-F)
  • VirtualWisdom support is available 24/7
  • CloudWisdom support is available 12hr/5days (M-F)
  • WorkloadWisdom support is available 8hr/5days (M-F)

Support Services include:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Firmware and software updates and support
  • Warranty services
  • Hardware repair and return


For Free Trial Users

For assistance with the VirtualWisdom Trial Edition, please contact the technical account manager who sent your Welcome email.

Weekend Severity 1 HOTLINE (For VirtualWisdom ONLY) :
Toll Free: 888-988-9925  International: (+1-408-579-4100)

If you are a current customer and not yet a registered user of the customer portal, please contact support.




For Virtana Platform Customers

For CloudWisdom Customers

For WorkloadWisdom Customers