Unify Your Hybrid Infrastructure Data, Wherever It Lives

No matter which Virtana module or combination of modules you’re using, the Virtana Data Lake provides all the shared services needed to make better decisions for your hybrid infrastructure.

Single View of Big 3 Cloud Providers

Normalize costs and performance metrics for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Data Lake - Cloud Providers

Resource Groups for Business Context

Map resources from AWS, Azure, and GCP to applications and lines of business, and group and filter by business concepts to see data in the context that’s relevant to your company for faster decision-making.

Data Lake - Business Unit Overview

API-First Approach

Leverage our public API that makes all data available to extract Virtana insights to meet your users where they are.

Data Lake - Change Management

Multi-Tenant, Secure, Scalable Architecture for Partners

Manage customers with white-label, parent-child accounts on an enterprise scale.

Data Lake - Business Unit Config - flexible tagging