Distributed Tracing That’s Usable in Real Time

Leverages existing CNCF tracing tools—such as Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, and others—to complement Virtana Application Monitoring’s eBPF-based flow analytics application graph.

End-to-End Business-Level Application Performance Monitoring

  • Follow requests from real user, synthetic, or browser test sessions to services, serverless functions, and databases.
  • View traces and logs in context with automatic trace_id injection from Jaeger and other popular open-source tools.
  • Connect distributed traces to infrastructure metrics, network calls, and live processes.
DT - End-to-End Business-Level APM

Trace Service Graph

  • Capture the execution path of each trace and aggregate them into trace-path signatures.
  • Get a real-time view of each trace path’s performance.
  • Predictively detect problems in the trace path.
DT - Trace Service Graph

Live Visibility With Complete Control

  • Examine all ingested traces and service dependencies over the last 5 minutes.
  • Automatically surface error, throughput, and latency outliers during active investigations with anomaly ML-based insights to resolve issues faster.
  • Set custom tag-based retention filters to retain only the traces that are most important to your business.
DT - Live Visibility

Automated Causal Analysis and Code-Level Insights

  • View a breakdown of slow requests by time spent in code on CPU, GC, lock contention, and I/O to minimize service latency.
  • Optimize code and save on infrastructure costs with always-on, low-overhead code profiling.
  • Monitor profile aggregations of services/endpoints and detect bottlenecks in your code to improve application performance.
  • Compare code profiles using any time frame and tag to rationalize performance regressions caused by inefficient code.
DT - Automated Causal Analysis

Contextual Log Integration

  • Integrate contextual logs from various microservices to get a unified view of trace data and corresponding log events.
  • Combine trace information with contextual logs to get a comprehensive understanding of the application’s behavior, enabling more efficient root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Use a holistic view of transactions and associated events to reduce time required to identify and resolve issues, reduce downtime, and improve overall application reliability.
DT - Contextual Log Integration