VirtualWisdom 6.2 Has the Industry Talking

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

September 16, 2019

Earlier this month we announced the latest iteration of our award-winning hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform, VirtualWisdom. This was one of our biggest product-related announcements of the year, and we were thrilled with the response we received not only from our partners and customers, but also from the media and analyst community. Let’s take a look at what some folks had to say about the new VirtualWisdom.

First off, it’s worthwhile to highlight Enterprise Strategy Group’s Bob Laliberte’s insight into the overall AIOps and infrastrucutre monitoring market. As we’ve discussed previously, the modern hybrid data center model has taken full hold in the enterprise sector, which has led organizations to re-evaluate their entire approach to infrastructure management. According to Bob, AIOps is rapidly becoming enterprises’ path to managing the exponentially increasing scale and complexity of their hybrid infrastructures. But enterprises need to be able to implement AIOps-based monitoring solutions within the context and flow of their business. That’s where we come in.

“Considering enterprises’ persistent need for today’s mission-critical enterprise applications to be available at all times, infrastructure issues must be resolved in near real-time to avoid impacting the business and its customers,” says Bob. “The new VirtualWisdom will help enterprises apply the machine intelligence and expert systems needed to reap the benefits of AIOps-supported hybrid infrastructure management.”

Journalists also had some interesting things to say about our approach to AIOps. In his article for, Mike Vizard notes that a “day of reckoning” is coming for proponents of DevOps and IT teams that have built sprawling IT environments, and that advancements in AIOps should go a long way to bring the two schools of IT management together. It’s our intention to support those advancements , using VirtualWisdom’s advanced capacity forecast alarms and proactive dashboards to allow IT teams to respond to their changing application conditions in real time.

SearchITChannel’s John Moore highlighted some of more channel-focused features of VirtualWisdom 6.2. Specifically, John discussed the product’s new licensing approach through WisdomPacks – unique deployment packages that addresses specific customer monitoring needs without having to purchase a license for each virtualization engine. Joseph Tsidulko’s article for CRN also discussed the new WisdomPacks, highlighting that they are designed to make it easier for partners to deliver comprehensive artificial intelligence-powered IT monitoring and optimization offerings tailored to the needs of enterprise customers. These licensing updates follow the enhancements we made last year to our partner program to help improve partners’ margin opportunity and bolstered deal registration.

I’d like to close out this summary of the VirtualWisdom 6.2 launch with a word from Virtual Instruments’ SVP of Products, Tim Van Ash, who eloquently summarizes our vision for not only the future of our products, but the future of IT operations:

“The future of IT operations is autonomous: enterprises need IT operations that never fail to deliver mission-critical services, that adapt to business innovation, and consume resources ever more efficiently. As the scope of enterprises’ hybrid infrastructure management needs has expanded, we have continued to expand the breadth of our monitoring and inject meaningful AIOps capabilities into the VirtualWisdom platform. With the new VirtualWisdom, we are enabling enterprises to truly harness the power of AI and machine learning, with a view towards the automated IT operations of tomorrow.”

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