Achieve Precision Observability into Your Mission-Critical Hybrid Infrastructure

Leverage a next-gen, full-stack monitoring and AIOps platform — from a single pane of glass.

Problem Resolution

Reduce MTTR by 90% and free staff to drive business priorities

Capacity Management

Scale Smarter by aligning capacity with dynamic workload needs

Workload Automation

Act Smarter by continuously optimizing workloads and hybrid infrastructure resources

Drive Your Business Success with Cost-optimized Hybrid Infrastructure that’s Simple to Manage

Speed problem resolution across your hybrid environment
Leverage powerful AI-based analytics to radically simplify problem remediation.
  • Benefit from a unified, collaborative workflow across all your infrastructure services
  • Leverage application-centric analytics to speed problem resolution
  • Access AIOps to streamline and automate remediation
Forecast capacity needs across all your hybrid infrastructure
Deliver agile infrastructure that’s automatically aligned.
  • Proactively identify wasted resources with intelligent observability into your business behavior
  • Meet your objectives through ongoing performance, capacity, and cost optimization on a single screen
  • Configure intelligent capacity alarms according to your preferences
Continuously balance your application and infrastructure resources
Ensure you meet SLAs and stay on budget with real-time data collection and analytics.
  • Manage your entire IT infrastructure with a unified workload-centric approach
  • Rely on automated recommendation engines to maintain smooth operations
  • Easily integrate downstream execution with your ITSM governance

Precision Observability Yields Better Insight

Leverage deeper and more real-time data across all your hybrid infrastructure to drive better decision making


Understand What’s Happening in Real Time with Unified Workload-centric Insight

Across all your hybrid infrastructure, you now have a single, trusted source of truth

Get a unified picture of your applications and hybrid infrastructure from one dashboard.


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Virtana enables you to confidently deploy cost-optimized hybrid clouds and simplify management of your IT environment.


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Unified and Simplified

With VirtualWisdom you can Scale Smarter by making data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure so you can increase your competitive advantage. But did you know that Virtana can also help you Plan Smarter?

Virtana can also help you Act Smarter by simplifying your management and operations with either VirtualWisdom or Virtana Migrate.

With Cloud Migration Readiness or Virtana Migrate, you can make data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure investments prior to cloud migration so you can know before you go.

Plus, if you would prefer a SaaS-based approach, Virtana Platform delivers all these capabilities in a flexible, modular, and unified offering.

Dive Deep into VirtualWisdom

Find out how Virtana’s AIOps, ML, and data-driven analytics deliver precision observability for your hybrid infrastructure performance management.

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