Know Your Performance Limits — Before You Deploy

Find out whether your applications will perform and scale as expected on your storage infrastructure. Determine which configurations are most cost-effective for each workload.

Technology Evaluation

Simplify the evaluation of new storage products and technologies to find the most cost-effective solutions

Change Validation & Risk Management

Ensure changes and software updates won’t degrade production performance

Performance Capacity Forecasting

Know when and under what conditions your infrastructure will reach its limits

A More Realistic Approach to Performance Analysis Leads to Better Decisions

Superior realism, scalability and analytics ensures you deploy the most cost-effective storage systems for your workloads

The WorkloadWisdom Advantage

Storage architects and engineers can gain superior insight into how workload behavior affects storage infrastructure performance compared to traditional approaches — including freeware tools.

  • Easy-to-use workload acquisition and programmatic modeling
  • Access the most accurate and realistic workload tests
  • Simulate worst case scenarios with extreme scalability
  • Provide consistent, repeatable results across time and geography
  • Utilize an integrated acquisition, modeling, load gen, and reporting solution
  • Leverage professional support and services to solve your toughest problems

Real-world Application Workload Testing

For Technology Vendors

Storage, network, server and HCI vendors can leverage the same evaluation software that their customers are using to validate performance — and know in advance if products will perform and scale as designed.


Leverage Full-Featured Workload Validation

Test performance and scalability for all your deployments

WorkloadWisdom leverages Workload Generators to analyze and model production storage workloads, creating what-if testing scenarios and producing workload performance analytics.

  • Test across SAN, NAS, SDS, HCI, object, or cloud
  • Characterize production workload profiles
  • Create highly realistic workload models
  • Measure storage I/O performance via workload simulations
  • Analyze results to optimize storage
Analyze performance via simple, customizable graphical output

Examine the performance data of different load parameters, access patterns, data content types, and configuration changes. WorkloadWisdom collects thousands of metrics every second, analyzes relevant workload data, and offers extensive charting and reporting capabilities.

Drive millions of IOPS from a single device

Get detailed performance emulation of storage protocols with WorkloadWisdom Workload Generators. Model extreme, complex traffic loads and leverage rich, accurate representations of performance across file, block, object, and cloud storage. Lower testing costs by unifying storage validation processes Generate millions of IOPS from a single 2U platform

  • Lower testing costs by unifying storage validation processes
  • Generate millions of IOPS from a single 2U platform

Dive Deep into WorkloadWisdom

Find out why WorkloadWisdom is the gold standard for storage performance validation.

Industry Leaders Trust Virtana


Find out why Enterprise Management Associates believes Virtana is changing the game for hybrid infrastructure management