Optimize Storage by 35%

Improve storage utilization, increase environmental efficiency, and reduce maintenance fees by identifying storage arrays you can decommission

Consolidate Switches by 50%

Identify underutilized switches (connectivity-based) and consolidate overprovisioning of your switch ports

Rightsize Workloads by 30%

Get AI-powered recommendations to ensure the highest possible hypervisor CPU and memory utilization at the lowest cost without impacting performance

Accelerate hybrid infrastructure innovation with Virtana IPM CloudMonitor

Leverage the SaaS-based infrastructure platform that gives you panoramic health and actionable insights of your end-to-end hybrid estate, mapped to an application context to easily relate to your business


Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR) across your hybrid environment by over 90%

Leverage powerful AI-based analytics to radically simplify problem remediation.
  • Create a unified, collaborative workflow across all your infrastructure services
  • Leverage an unmatched breadth of data and application-centric analytics to speed problem resolution
  • Access AIOps to streamline your infrastructure and predict points of failure before they happen

Maximize availability and decrease Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) by 95%

Be your team’s IT hero by identifying and resolving problems before users are affected.
  • Leverage AI-powered recommendation engines with applied analytics that incorporate experience gained from working with hundreds of enterprise clients
  • Proactively prevent unplanned outages and performance slowdowns
  • Manage your entire IT infrastructure with a unified workload-centric approach

Enable proactive capacity planning and eliminate manual forecasting effort by 90%

Gain confidence in your forecasts with a platform that has full visibility into the rhythm and seasonality of your IT operations.
  • Assess your infrastructure configurations with parameters you set to prepare well in advance of when you’ll need more capacity
  • Spend less time pouring over reports and dashboards, and more time acting on the insights you get from them
  • Make it easier for your teams to get the information they need to make reliable, data-driven decisions

Optimize application and infrastructure resources

Meet SLAs and stay on budget with real-time data collection and analytics.
  • Maximize utilization of existing assets through visualization of application performance
  • Ensure your application workloads are optimally balanced across your global infrastructure
  • Easily integrate downstream execution with ITSM governance

Understand What’s Happening in Real Time with Unified Workload-centric Insight

Across all your hybrid infrastructure, you now have a single, trusted source of truth

Get a unified picture of your applications and hybrid infrastructure from one dashboard.


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