Expertly Manage Your Cloud

Leverage simple yet powerful analytics to lower cloud costs and assure performance.

Complimentary AWS and Azure Right Sizing Assessment

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Control Costs and Optimize Cloud Resources

Leverage deep visibility and intelligent recommendations to manage cloud billing and capacity usage.

Performance Monitoring

Access real-time performance metrics and machine learning to eliminate bottlenecks

Capacity Management

Accurately match capacity to workload needs via real-time performance data

Cost Optimization

Analyze billing trends, plan capacity purchases, and discover wasted spend

A Single Platform for Cloud Management


Eliminate Performance Risks

See performance bottlenecks coming — before they affect clients and SLAs — with multi-conditional alerting powered by advanced anomaly detection. Ensure a healthy cloud environment and maximum uptime as you right-size with confidence.

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Match Capacity to Workload

Don’t rely on guesswork in planning your resources. Provide actionable sizing recommendations per workload by applying CloudWisdom’s deep analytics to capacity utilization across all cloud computing dimensions.

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Make AWS Truly Cost Effective

Utilize CloudWisdom’s recommendation tools and live expert advice to achieve public cloud billing that’s cost-effective — but doesn’t risk performance. Get reporting on cost and usage trends, plan reserved instance purchases, and stop wasting money.

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Drive Insight Across Your Cloud Infrastructure

Utilize deeper and more real-time data to manage cloud resources

See Everything in One Place

Get detailed reports and analysis, including real-time sizing and optimization recommendations, all in a single CloudWisdom interface.

  • Billing Analysis
  • Idle Resource Reports
  • Sizing Recommendations
  • Reservation Recommendations
  • Emailed Reports
  • Real-time Notifications

We’ll Help Get You Started

CloudWisdom Premier Services are included in your subscription — no professional services agreement, no extra cost.

Onboarding Assistance

Collaborate with a Customer Success Manager to set capacity and optimization goals and milestones

Implementation Coaching

Regularly meet with our team of experts to ask setup questions and pace project advancement

Performance Evaluation

Leverage our tips on cost analysis and governance to interpret performance reports like an expert

“CloudWisdom helped us to alleviate performance problems on our most critical infrastructure—our data tier and our operational tier.”

— Lawrence Telfort

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