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of AWS resources are typically over-provisioned

Rely on Our Workload Expertise

Cloud migration goes beyond IT — it’s one of the biggest and most critical challenges that organizations face today, with profound impacts on future agility and growth, to say nothing of risk. To get it right, you need advanced analysis, experienced advisors, and the right process. In other words, you need to Plan Smarter. This is where Virtana can help.

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Advanced Analysis

Leverage Virtana’s granular workload analytics and cloud simulations to forecast cloud performance and risk

Experienced Advisors

Benefit from Virtana’s decades of experience assessing environments and modeling application workloads

The Right Process

Engage with us to validate cloud performance requirements, provider selection, and migration planning

Know Before You Go

Too many cloud migrations fail to meet performance expectations, or result in massive overprovisioning — and a substantial number simply fail outright. Avoid the many cloud journey pitfalls by validating your migration plans before you begin.

Plan It All in Advance

We’ll help you Plan Smarter so you can ensure the suitability of your targeted applications for cloud migration based upon their on-premises behavior including performance SLAs, interdependencies, and estimated cost to operate in the cloud — all before any migration.

  • Which workloads to migrate
  • Which applications are fit or unfit to migrate
  • How to reduce migration time
  • How to construct your “move groups”
  • How to design your migration events
  • Which cloud provider to use
  • What are the optimal cloud configurations
  • What is the estimated cloud cost
  • How to know applications will perform as expected in the cloud
  • Your application dependencies

Cloud Migration: The Virtana Advantage

Built on Virtana’s proven AIOps, ML, and data-driven analytics management solutions, Cloud Migration Readiness evaluates applications, workloads, and SLAs so you can eliminate unexpected costs and performance degradation after migration.

Discovery: Understand the project

We first work with you to confirm migration objectives, scope, and approach. Leveraging Virtana’s VirtualWisdom, we discover application workload characteristics by generating complete dependency maps of all compute, networking, and storage in the data center and by visualizing all east-west and north-south traffic in the environment. This enables you to know before you go, so you can to get it right the first time.

What we deliver: A target workload inventory with baseline assessments and complete application dependency maps.

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Profiling: Accurately represent workload needs

Baselining and right-sizing infrastructure prior to migration can save millions in cloud overprovisioning. We leverage machine learning to distill large amounts of workload data into representative synthetic groups of workloads, which are subset by CPU, memory, network, and storage. We then identify and fine-tune candidate cloud configurations.

What we deliver: A complete set of workload profiles, affinity groups, synthetic workloads, and candidate cloud configurations and costs.

Playback: Match workloads to suitable cloud configurations

By leveraging the workload simulation and playback capabilities of Virtana’s WorkloadWisdom, we’re able to test workloads on target cloud configurations to select cost-optimal placements and verify performance. This includes running what-if scenarios to determine the impact on workload compute, network, and storage and tune configurations accordingly.

What we deliver:A synthetic workload cloud performance report with updated candidate cloud configurations and costs.

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Monitor: Confirm all your expectations

Once the migration is complete, we’ll use the power of Virtana’s CloudWisdom cloud management platform to monitor migrated workloads in the cloud, identify any unforeseen performance or capacity issues, and carry out further tuning as needed. The dynamic nature of the cloud makes these on-going tools and processes critical for any deployment.

What we deliver: Cost and performance visualizations along numerous business and infrastructure dimensions that drive efficient cloud management and a focus on right-sized capacity, proactive monitoring, and cost efficiency.

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Leverage Our Decades of Experience

Our teams have 10+ years of field experience helping Global 1000 enterprises to confidently deploy cost-optimized hybrid clouds and simplify management of IT environments.


Learn how to Know Before You Go so you can get it right the first time by eliminating unexpected costs and performance degradation after migration.

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Unified and Simplified

With Cloud Migration Readiness you can Plan Smarter by making data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure so you can know before you go. But did you know that Virtana can also help you Scale Smarter?

Virtana can also help you Act Smarter by simplifying your management and operations with either VirtualWisdom or Virtana Migrate.

With public cloud optimization from CloudWisdom, or hybrid cloud optimization from VirtualWisdom or Virtana Optimize, you can meet your objectives through ongoing performance, capacity, and cost optimization that helps you increase your competitive advantage.

Plus, if you would prefer a SaaS-based approach, Virtana Platform delivers all these capabilities in a flexible, modular, and unified offering.

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