Cloud Migration Readiness

Preview Cloud Performance and Cost — Before You Migrate

Our cloud migration products realize the agility, scale, and cost benefits of the cloud while lowering the risks of cloud migration by understanding in advance how your workloads will perform — and what they’ll cost — once migrated to the cloud.

Benefit from Our Workload Expertise

Drive successful cloud migrations by leveraging Virtana’s decades of experience assessing environments and modeling workloads.

Examine Your Apps

Find how your apps will perform in the cloud, and verify your SLAs

Forecast the Costs

Confirm what it will cost to run your applications in the cloud

Choose the Right Cloud

Understand which cloud service provider best fits your apps

Reduce the Risk of Cloud Migration

Validate your migration plans with workload intelligence

Plan It All in Advance

We’ll help you de-risk your cloud migration by confirming the suitability of targeted apps based on their on-prem performance SLAs, their dependencies, performance requirements in the cloud, and estimated cost — all before any migration. You will know:

  • Which workloads to migrate
  • Which cloud provider to use
  • How to reduce migration time
  • What are the optimal configurations
  • How to pre-test cloud workload performance
  • How to know apps are performing as expected in the cloud

What’s Our Process?


Understand the project

Confirm migration objectives, scope, and approach, and detail app requirements with Virtana’s VirtualWisdom.

  • Instrument target workloads or apps
  • Discover application workload characteristics
  • Identify dependencies between compute, networking, and storage
  • Deliver a Target Workload Inventory, Application Dependency Maps, and a Baseline Assessment
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Create accurate representations of workload needs

Leverage machine learning to distill large amounts of workload data into representative, synthetic groups of workloads. 

  • Subset synthetic groups by CPU, memory, network, and storage
  • Identify and fine-tune candidate cloud configurations
  • Deliver workload profiles, affinity groups, synthetic workloads, and candidate cloud configurations & costs

Match workloads to suitable cloud configurations

Test representative workloads in specific cloud configurations to select cost-optimal placements and verify performance.

  • Choose a candidate cloud configuration
  • Replay synthetic workloads
  • Tune candidate configuration
  • Verify workload performance
  • Deliver synthetic workload cloud performance report
  • Update candidate cloud configurations & costs

Confirm everything is working as expected

Use the power of Virtana’s CloudWisdom to observe migrated workloads in the cloud and identify any unforeseen performance or capacity issues.

  • Monitor migrated workloads
  • Compare to on-premise performance
  • Recommend further tuning as needed
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Leverage Our Expertise

Our teams have 10+ years of field experience helping the largest Global 1000 IT enterprises with infrastructure performance management and application workload analytics.

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