PALO ALTO, California – December 27, 2023 – Virtana, the market leader in AI-driven application and infrastructure monitoring and observability solutions, today announced it has been granted two new patents. These patents significantly advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) application dependency mapping, cloud migration, and cost optimization, further distinguishing its monitoring business. 

The first patent introduces an innovative method for the automated grouping of related workloads at the data layer, a critical enhancement for monitoring and observability in complex IT infrastructures. This innovation simplifies migration planning and provides a deeper, AI-powered insight into application interdependencies and behaviors, which is vital for proactive monitoring and performance optimization. 

The second patent utilizes AI to precisely determine cloud configurations and cost estimates, which is essential for effective workload migrations. This AI-driven approach ensures optimal resource allocation and financial planning for cloud migrations, ensuring clients have an integrated view of cost, performance, and resource allocation. 

These patents fortify Virtana’s expansive IP portfolio, which is centered on leveraging AI and ML to address the evolving challenges of hybrid cloud visibility, application monitoring, and infrastructure observability faced by enterprises globally. They also reaffirm Virtana’s market leadership in leveraging automation, machine learning, and other innovative technologies to provide unprecedented visibility into application, network, compute, and storage dependencies across complex multi-vendor hybrid IT environments. 

“These patents symbolize Virtana’s dedication to advancing the field of IT infrastructure monitoring and observability through intelligent automation and AI-driven insights,” said Kash Shaikh, President and CEO of Virtana. “Our innovations in application dependency mapping, cloud migration, and cost optimization are not just add-ons but are central to our core monitoring solutions, providing our clients with a comprehensive and efficient toolset for managing complex IT environments.” 

The patents enhance Virtana’s solutions to address the needs of modern systems, which include a blend of open-source, in-house, data center, and cloud-based components. By dynamically understanding these elements and their interrelations in real time, Virtana’s technology provides an essential layer of intelligence for monitoring and observability, aiding in the quick identification and resolution of anomalies and issues. 

For enterprise IT leaders, this means best-in-class visibility and informed decision-making, accelerating operational flexibility and simplifying cost management in moments ranging from routine operations to complex cloud transitions. These patents also answer critical questions regarding the operational aspects of applications, including their locations, functions, and associated costs. 

Virtana has a long history of pioneering intelligent automation techniques for managing application workloads, securing 37 patents related to innovations in this field, with many more pending. The company continues to aggressively invest in research and development and patent efforts to maintain its market dominance as the leading provider of AI-driven hybrid infrastructure monitoring solutions. 

About Virtana 

Virtana provides the industry-leading, applied hybrid observability platform that accelerates infrastructure innovation through deep-system data and centralized visibility. Its unified multi-cloud management solution, Virtana Platform, simplifies the optimization, migration, and monitoring of application workloads across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. The cloud-agnostic SaaS platform allows enterprises to efficiently plan their cloud migrations and then right-size workloads across their hybrid cloud infrastructure for performance, capacity, and cost. Most organizations realize a 35% reduction in hybrid infrastructure costs or more within the first 60 days of use. Get a demo or see the platform in action at

Virtana was named Coolest Cloud Company by CRN, Top Cloud Leader Reducing Public Cloud Costs by Business Insider, and Best Company Culture by Comparably. 

For industry insight from Virtana, visit Twitter | LinkedIn | Virtana #AccelerateHybridInnovation 

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Virtana Insight
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