What are Traces?

In computing, a trace is the process of recording information about the flow of transactions or requests of an application or system. Logging is typically broader in scope, capturing a wider range of events, while tracing provides more specific information about the execution path of individual requests. Logging and tracing often complement each other.

Distributed tracing uses telemetry to capture and aggregate data from multiple services within a system or infrastructure to show how a request moves through those services. By tracing a transaction or request as it moves through a stack, you can understand interactions and diagnose performance, availability, and other issues.

Real-Time End-to-End Tracing With Virtana

Virtana Platform’s Application Monitoring provides real-time tracing and monitoring of requests, enabling you to track user sessions, services, databases, and serverless function for fast root cause analysis. You’ll understand how services interact and consume resources so you can make smarter resource allocation and cost-optimization decisions. Contact us to learn more or to book a demo.

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