If you are an MSP, AIOps can be a game changer  for your business. By leveraging AI-driven automation, analytics, and insights across your managed IT services portfolio, you can drive operational excellence, improve service quality, and deliver greater value to your clients. But there are many AIOps and observability  tools in the market. Here are 13 reasons why many MSPs select Virtana as their AIOps and observability partner of choice.

1. Secure multitenant platform

Data privacy and security are a primary concern for customers and a critical responsibility for their MSPs. At the same time, as an MSP, you must be able to implement and manage distinct solution stacks for individual clients. Virtana supports multitenancy with comprehensive data isolation to meet these requirements.

2. Comprehensive monitoring and management

Virtana empowers you to efficiently monitor, manage, and optimize their clients’ IT infrastructure, including infrastructure performance monitoring, capacity planning, and resource optimization.

3. Scalability

Virtana’s solutions are highly scalable, allowing MSPs to easily accommodate the needs of a growing client base. Whether you’re managing a small handful of clients or hundreds, Virtana can meet your needs.

4. Cost optimization

Virtana helps you optimize costs by identifying underutilized resources, rightsizing infrastructure, and optimizing workload placement. With improved resource utilization and performance, you can reduce costs for your clients while maximizing your own ROI. 

5. Hybrid and multi-cloud support

Your clients have diverse IT environments and hybrid/multi-cloud strategies. With Virtana, you can monitor and manage clients’ infrastructures across on-premises data centers, public clouds, and private clouds.

6. Reliability and performance

Virtana has a proven track record of delivering enterprise-grade monitoring and management solutions with reliability and performance to give you confidence in the solutions’ ability to support your clients’ mission-critical IT operations.

7. Customizable policies

Different clients might require distinct alert routing and handing policies. And noise reduction criteria will vary by organization. With Virtana, customizing policies to meet client requirements and defining alert policies using code is straightforward.

8. Open integrations

For maximum benefits, AIOps solutions must seamlessly integrate with ITSM and monitoring and notification systems. Virtana’s AIOps prioritizes an API-first approach, enabling easy and seamless integration with existing technology stacks.

9. Single sign-on

Virtana can integrate with the SSO solution deployed in your clients’ environments to simplify the authentication process for users. This improves efficiency and the overall user experience while maintaining security.

10. Audit trail

When you are responsible for managing a client’s environment, you need to track changes to demonstrate accountability and compliance. Virtana’s AIOps solution tracks all changes by default and shows the most active users and frequently failed actions.

11. Tool rationalization

The typical enterprise environment uses eight to ten monitoring tools, which can create alert management challenges. With Virtana, you can filter and correlate alerts generated by the various monitoring tools to facilitate the process.

12. Custom branding

Virtana’s solution offers seamless customization options so you can provide enhanced services under your brand to retain authority over your clients’ user experience.

13. Deployment flexibility

Many enterprises prefer not to migrate their data to the cloud. With Virtana, you have the flexibility to deploy the solution within your environment or opt for a SaaS offering so you can make the right choice for your clients.

Virtana: The AIOps and observability choice for MSPs

The Virtana Platform offers MSPs a comprehensive set of monitoring and management solutions designed to help them efficiently manage clients’ IT infrastructure, optimize performance, reduce costs, and drive business growth. Our full-stack observability and AI-powered AIOps monitoring deliver actionable insights into application health, migration, performance, multi-cloud cost management, and monitoring. We work with many MSPs and have built in the multitenant capabilities and billing features you need to support your business requirements. Request a trial

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