Virtana is proud to announce a series of new capabilities focused on empowering our customers with advanced AI-driven capabilities, enhanced user interfaces, and deeper integrations, all aimed at optimizing application and infrastructure observability. Let’s dive into these innovations and see how they revolutionize the way IT professionals interact with their environments.

Virtana AI: A Game Changer in Troubleshooting

Virtana AI stands at the forefront of this release, transforming how businesses handle application and infrastructure issues. This tool brings the expertise of specialized SMEs directly to your fingertips by combining generative AI with a customer-supplied Knowledge Base. Key features include:

Automatic Root-Cause Analysis: Quickly pinpoint issues without manual intervention.

Custom RCA Knowledge Base: Tailor the AI’s learning to your unique environment.

Generative AI Integration: Harness the power of AI for unparalleled problem-solving.

Anomaly Detection: Stay ahead of issues with proactive alerts.

Event Policy as Code: Enhanced Alert Management

The introduction of ‘Event Policy as Code’ revolutionizes alert management. This feature allows for:

Actionable Insights: Understand the impact, severity, and context of each alert.

Custom Policy Creation: Tailor alert policies to your specific needs, reducing noise and improving focus.

UI Enhancements: A Seamless Experience

We’ve revamped our user interface for a more intuitive, consistent experience across the Virtana Platform:

Redesigned Navigation: Easier access to vital modules and information.

Consistent Design Language: Standard color palettes, typography, and iconography enhance usability.

Alerts Listing and Details: Swift Issue Resolution

Our enhanced alerts system provides comprehensive insights at a glance:

Consolidated Alerts: View all critical information on a single page.

Root Cause Analysis: Immediate insights into the probable causes of alerts.

Customizable Alert Management: Add notes and tags for effective team collaboration.

Infrastructure Monitoring: Dell VPLEX Integration

Virtana’s integration with Dell VPLEX brings a new level of monitoring capacity:

Cross-Domain Visibility: Monitor health, utilization, performance, and capacity.

Advanced Analytics: Turn data into actionable insights for workload balancing and resource prediction.

Cloud Cost Management (CCM): Streamlined Management and Governance

FinOps teams get expanded insights into spend, policy violations, and AI-based optimization actions across AWS, Azure, and GCP:

Cost Overview Dashboard: View AWS, Azure, and GCP costs in one consolidated dashboard.

AWS and Azure Cloud Governance: Implement custom policies for resource optimization.

Azure Reseller Billing: Simplify and automate billing processes for Azure CSPs.

Application Monitoring: Enhanced Clarity and Control

Enriched topology mapping and Kubernetes support delivers simplified visualization for faster troubleshooting:

App Map Enhancements: Improved response times and simplified Kubernetes visualization with entity aggregation, standard Kubernetes icons, and connectivity view on every Kubernetes workload.

Alert Handling Rules (AHR) – Quiet Time: Manage alert activity effectively during maintenance or upgrade periods.

Azure Events with Alerts: Extended support for Azure entities, including Azure SQL, Load balancers, Redis caches, Azure VMs, and more.

Additional Kubernetes Control Plane Metrics: Deeper insights into Kubernetes monitoring with more Control Plane metrics for API server, scheduler, etcd, and controllers to help visualize overall cluster health and performance.

Each of these enhancements is designed to empower our customers with more intelligence, speed, and simplicity in managing their IT environments. Virtana’s latest release is a testament to our commitment to innovation, ensuring that our customers are always one step ahead in the dynamic world of IT infrastructure and application monitoring. Learn more about these new features by visiting our Virtana Community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance and refine our solutions to meet your evolving needs.

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