Should I Stay or Should I Go? A cloudy decision

By Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer

If you’ve been operating in the cloud for some time now, chances are your business has changed since you first made that move. Has your cloud usage grown considerably—and your OpEx costs? Is that just the cost of doing business in the cloud? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can rationalize your infrastructure and determine if there are cloud expenses you can reclaim and even if it makes sense to move some of your cloud deployments into co-location.

The rush to the public cloud has now slowed as organizations realized that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. The main issue is the lack of deep visibility into the performance of applications provided by the host. What is needed is real-time data and intelligent recommendations to lower costs and assure performance.

In order to optimize cloud resources, a third party AIOps based resource is needed. This will provide an independent and granular view of how applications are using capacity and if it is right-sized. In addition, it will monitor performance of the applications in real time and provide metrics and analytics to eliminate bottlenecks. The allocated capacity can also be monitored to ensure an accurate match to workload requirements via real-time performance data.

Although the major hosts provide cost optimization tools, these are not very accurate. Analysis of billing and how it matches capacity over time as well as in real time is what is needed. Armed with this information you can plan capacity purchases and discover wasted spend. By using a single platform for cloud management, you can monitor your infrastructure, plan capacity, and eliminate performance risks. Performance bottlenecks can be predicted before they affect clients and SLAs with multi-conditional alerting powered by advanced anomaly detection. 

Cloud solutions are not only publicly provided by the likes of AWS and Azure. Co-location is also a strong option where your applications are managed on your behalf by a system integrator. This is increasingly becoming a stronger option for more business-critical applications. But to determine which is best for you, you need to start with the facts.  Virtana is offering a 60-day cloud right-sizing assessment to organizations needing to better support their infrastructure as demands increase – and our cloud experts will gladly walk you through your options.

To ensure a healthy cloud environment with maximum uptime, you need to right-size with confidence.

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