Cloud Migration Process

By Andy Kicklighter, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

The cloud migration process begins with getting a clear understanding of the reasons, goals, and priorities that your organization wants to achieve with migration.  Executive sponsors are required, a specific list of goals identified and then prioritized.  Goals can be as simple as finding a way to extend the usefulness of an existing application with cloud resources or as complex as moving or replacing your entire application set to cloud resources.

Assessing what you have is the next step – you’ll need a clear view of what your application workloads are, their underlying infrastructure, dependencies, regulatory environment, availability, and service requirements.  This assessment then allows you identify the best disposition of the services these applications deliver.

Setting your cloud migration strategy then becomes possible.  By evaluating your organization’s goals and priorities, your application workload assessments, and the cloud services available, you’ll then be able to create, vet, and achieve stakeholder buy-in to your cloud migration strategy.

A well organized, prioritized strategy, with your organization bought in behind the program, then allows you to begin executing toward your goal.  For migrations that include extending an existing mission-critical application to the cloud, replacing critical components with cloud infrastructure, or re-writing as a cloud-native application, that means setting an architecture for each application as a first step.  After that, the process includes capturing existing workloads, evaluating cloud environments for fit, deploying and building new infrastructure, planning and testing workload switch overs, setting contingency plans should switch over fail, and planning for how you will support and manage your new applications and workloads to keep performance and operational SLAs and drive uptime.

About Virtana

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