Study finds that a well-executed migration program can enhance uptime and performance through continuous optimization

San Jose, CA, July 14, 2020 – Organizations that embrace hybrid cloud migration projects can yield a 145% return on investment within three years, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Virtana has revealed. The study, which reviewed customer projects completed in the last three years, found that a composite organization achieved benefits of $2 million by adopting planning and optimization platforms, such as as Virtana’s CloudWisdom and VirtualWisdom.

The Forrester Consulting TEI™ (Total Economic Impact) study, examined the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying hybrid infrastructure optimization solutions for both the public and private cloud platforms. It found that organizations who employ planning and optimization tools are able to better balance their workloads, have a more strategic focus and increase their flexibility.

The TEI study also reveals that organizations who deploy solutions such as Virtana’s software in the private cloud may save more than $250,000 in problem resolution and a further $670,000 driving agility with global capacity management. In addition, those businesses working in the public cloud may see benefits of more than $900,000 when analyzing and optimizing using their current cloud provider.

Virtana’s flagship platform, CloudWisdom, provides customers with a platform capable of optimizing both public and private cloud resources, helping to lower cloud costs and assure performance.  The company’s VirtualWisdom platform provides visibility into mission-critical workload infrastructures, with the industry’s only AI-powered monitoring, analytics and automation platform.

Ron Sege, CEO at Virtana, said: “We believe that the conclusions of the Forrester Consulting TEI study will help our customers and prospective clients understand that hybrid cloud migration and optimization solutions such as Virtana offers are critical for success. We’re passionate about providing our customers with value for money, and also ensuring they are able to balance their workloads, increase their flexibility and look more strategically at their businesses in this particularly turbulent time.”

Forrester interviewed four Virtana customers with complete anonymity apart from industry and job title. This approach ensured their statements contained real-world emotions. A director of cloud infrastructure for a technology organisation said: “Virtana is so good to work with. And for me it comes down to value; and for all the things we spend money on, Virtana provides the most value. They give me a really good view into my spend. When I’m presenting to management, I feel extremely confident in the accuracy of report data from Virtana. I use CloudWisdom reports constantly to decide where to set our next goals with our cloud provider spend.”

Virtana’s range of workload capacity optimization, cost management, and performance assurance solutions help more than 260 global customers and partners plan, execute, and manage their hybrid cloud implementations.

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About Virtana

Virtana is the leading hybrid cloud optimization platform for digital transformation. Its technology and services give innovative organizations the clarity they need to take control of their infrastructure, transform their cloud operations, and deliver a superior brand experience. Virtana’s software modernizes IT, supporting its agility while guaranteeing performance, minimizing risk, and reducing cost. It guides users on a journey to see their infrastructure from a single pane of glass, act on issues that arise, and transform processes for future automation. Follow Virtana for industry insight on Twitter | LinkedIn | Virtana: Take control.

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