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Your Cloud

Virtana is offering a 21-day cloud right-sizing assessment to organizations needing to better support their infrastructure as demands increase. Contact us to schedule a session with an expert.

32% – Average amount of under-utilized resources
identified by CloudWisdom

Complimentary AWS and Azure Right-Sizing Assessment

Right now, ensuring the availability and performance of applications is more challenging than ever, as application workloads are being stressed and may behave in unanticipated ways. Eliminate pressure from customers and improve employee morale with insights into your cloud capacity guardrails before they impact application performance.

To help companies respond, Virtana is extending a 21-day right-sizing assessment, which includes our automated recommendation tool along with expert professional services.

Control Costs and Optimize Cloud Resources

The assessment will provide you with deep visibility and intelligent recommendations to optimize capacity usage and identify savings

Find bottlenecks that are slowing your applications

Find underutilized resources you can “downsize” to save costs

Tune our “what-if” analysis knobs to fit your own risk tolerance

Fully Automated Recommendations

We collect the data and our recommendation engine does all of the work for you.


  • Offer applies to right-sizing of AWS EC2s and Azure VMs
  • Any environment regardless of its size is welcomed
  • Environments with over 250 hosts receive live support

We’ll Help You At Every Step

Proactive success services are included with the assessment for
environments containing more than 250 hosts.

Project Planning
A project manager will collaborate with you to help set capacity and optimization goals and milestones.

Routine Check-in
Our team will meet with you weekly or bi-weekly to support setup and help pace your project’s advancement.

Cost Analysis Coaching
Our experts are available to provide guidance on cost analysis and risk governance.

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