Virtual Instruments Enhances VirtualWisdom Offerings for Simplified Channel Deployments

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New Release of VirtualWisdom Features WisdomPack Licenses for Simplified Deployments Across Hybrid Infrastructure Environments

San Jose, Calif., October 1, 2019

Virtana, the leader in hybrid infrastructure management for mission-critical workloads, today announced a wide range of new channel-focused features in the latest version of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform. The new features include the introduction of WisdomPacks,simplified packages of integrations specific to customer deployment environments. The combined enhancements will simplify deployment and empower channel partners to provide customers with application assurance for mission-critical workloads across their hybrid infrastructure.

Today’s enterprise applications are incredibly complex and increasingly deployed across hybrid IT infrastructure – often spanning on-premise data centers and multiple clouds at immense scale. These environments make it impossible for humans to contextualize and correlate all the potential causes of application slowdowns, and the wide range of disparate tools, approaches, processes and data only increase the level of complexity.

In order to better address these challenges, Virtual Instruments is introducing WisdomPacks, a new way for channel partners to provide customers with the next generation of the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform. WisdomPacks dramatically simplify the deployment process of VirtualWisdom by packaging key capabilities, best practice alerting and investigations to improve knowledge, visibility, discovery and monitoring across any environment.

“Our customers have made it clear that when it comes to selecting infrastructure management and AIOps solutions, they value flexibility and performance assurance above all else,” said Neil Mistry, Founder and CEO at Managing Information Systems 3, a member of the Virtual Instruments Partner Network. “Virtual Instruments’ new WisdomPacks not only make it easier for us to deploy VirtualWisdom for customer specific environments, but also simplifies the order and configuration process. This ultimately gives customers the infrastructure management capabilities that they want, when they need them.”

By holistically monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the performance, availability, capacity and efficiency of hybrid IT infrastructure within the context of the application, VirtualWisdom enables enterprises to take a modernized, AIOps-empowered approach to infrastructure management. Virtual Instruments now offers six WisdomPack licenses for VirtualWisdom, each featuring unique capabilities that have been expertly curated to address customers’ unique infrastructure challenges, including:

WisdomPack for Server Virtualization 

The WisdomPack for Server Virtualization module includes agentless software integration for monitoring VMware vCenter®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, and IBM PowerVM®. The data collection of many dozens of metrics enables optimizations across all leading virtual server infrastructures.

WisdomPack for Storage Area Networks

The WisdomPack for Storage Area Networks module monitors Fibre Channel Network infrastructure from Brocade and Cisco. Monitoring of Brocade switches is supported with or without Brocade Network Advisor.

WisdomPack for Operating Systems

The WisdomPack for Operating Systems module is an agentless software integration for Host OS monitoring of compute infrastructure within Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud environments. The module obtains statistics related to CPU, memory, network and disk usage.

WisdomPack for Enterprise Storage

The WisdomPack for Enterprise Storage module includes agentless software integrations for enterprise storage array monitoring including NetApp, IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMAX, Isilon and more. This WisdomPack monitors the performance, health and capacity of the arrays and enables the reclamation of unused capacity.

WisdomPack for Storage Wire Data

The WisdomPack for Storage Wire Data features Virtual Instruments’ family of hardware-based SAN and NAS Performance Probes, supporting NFS, SMB, Fibre Channel and iSCSI for real-time I/O processing and application performance slowdown detection. It also includes agentless wire level software-only monitoring of 32G Fibre channel Cisco SANs when Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming is enabled on the Cisco MDS devices.

WisdomPack for Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

The WisdomPack for Software Defined Storage (SDS) module includes agentless software integration for SDS monitoring including Dell EMC VxFlex OS hyperconverged system (previously ScaleIO), VMware vSAN and more. This WisdomPack monitors the performance, health and capacity of the SDS and enables the reclamation of unused capacity.

“It is critical that today’s enterprises have the ability to assess and proactively manage the performance, availability, utilization and health of hybrid IT infrastructures in the context of their mission-critical applications,” said Paul Brodie, VP of Global OEM and Channel Sales at Virtual Instruments. “With the new version of our award-winning VirtualWisdom solution, we’re providing our partners a simplified way to give customers the access and services they need to deliver on performance SLAs and assure application service delivery – and business value – across their entire hybrid environment.”

VirtualWisdom WisdomPacks are available immediately. The latest version of VirtualWisdom will be showcased and available for demo at the Pure//Accelerate 2019conference, taking place in Austin, TX from September 15-18. To learn more about Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform, please visit:

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