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Gain insights into cloud cost, performance, and capacity optimization through real-time data collection and analytics to ensure you stay on budget, even as conditions and options change, and avoid an end-of-month billing surprise. Plus, you can improve reservation planning to maximize your savings.


With Virtana Optimize, you can increase your advantage by optimizing your cloud capacity and cost in real time on an ongoing basis. Gain visibility into your current cloud costs, identify wasted resources and expense, understand jumps in spend, and alert on unexpected changes.


Insights at your fingertips. That’s the power of radical simplicity. See it in action.



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When you’re moving rapidly, waste can accumulate. Virtana Platform makes it easy to catch before too much happens.

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Radically Simplify Cloud Cloud Cost Management

With precision observability and deep insight into your cloud configurations, you’ll get clarity on costs across multiple cloud providers and accounts, and identify and eliminate unused instances and storage.

  • Make data-driven decisions with the confidence that you can save money
  • Rightsize instances to match capacity
  • Optimize your reservations to capture long-term savings

Take Control of Cloud Costs

Demystify cloud costs | Get and stay rightsized | Eliminate waste | Capture long-term savings


Confidently manage your cloud expense knowing that you’ll avoid end-of-month surprises

Safely adjust resources to reduce your bill and find the ideal resource settings before purchase to eliminate risk

Find unused or abandoned resources and make necessary changes before racking up huge costs that eat into your budget

Manage reservation discounts to maximize your savings potential


Volume discounts are available (600+ devices / month)

A device is any running AWS EC2 or Azure VM evaluated by Virtana Optimize in a given month

Included Features Free Pro
Bill analysis Check Mark check Mark
Cost savings dashboard Check Mark check Mark
Cost vs. Utilization reports Check Mark check Mark
AWS EC2 and Azure VM rightsizing recommendations Top 25 Only check Mark
Idle resource reports Top 25 Only check Mark
Emailed custom reports check Mark
Customizable savings policies check Mark
Single sign-on check Mark
Organization management 1 organization / 1 cloud account 1 organization / unlimited accounts
Number of devices supported < 1000 Unlimited





per device, per month billed annually or $15 on demand

Our hybrid cloud optimization capabilities can deliver a return on investment of as much as 145% over a three-year period.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Virtana’s Hybrid Infrastructure Optimization