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SOS Emergency Troubleshooting Service

If you are having an outage right now, we can help. Call 844-767-4476 for immediate expert assistance.

If your IT infrastructure is experiencing a serious outage, degradation of service or an unpredictable anomaly that is disrupting the level of service required by the business, the application, and/or the customer(s), the Emergency Troubleshooting Service is your solution.

Our team will respond immediately to the situation by working with you to assess the situation, provide the necessary equipment, and deliver the expert staff and tools required to discover the issues that are affecting your service delivery levels.

Infrastructure Performance Assessment (IPA)

The IPA is a comprehensive, short-term services engagement designed to measure the health, utilization and performance of your end-to-end hybrid infrastructure from cloud servers to on-prem virtualized hosts, to networks, to your SAN or NAS storage environment. We perform a 1-2 week non-disruptive, agentless data collection, and analyze the results, to make recommendations to improve the performance and availability of your production environment. This service is also frequently used on your legacy environment BEFORE you choose to migrate workloads to the cloud or consolidate your data. The cost of this service is returned many-fold by identifying areas to optimize your existing assets and right-size future deployments.

The IPA service includes delivery of best practices, baseline reporting, advanced analysis and alert investigation. In many cases, this service is delivered in direct support of large scale migration and consolidation projects. This service can be delivered as a stand-alone solution that is inclusive of a dedicated, targeted deployment of the VirtualWisdom Platform, or as auxiliary services in a currently installed account. It is applicable to both physical, highly virtualized private cloud infrastructures.

Virtana Managed Services

The Virtana Managed Services program is an outcome-based service that enables IT managers to achieve maximum financial benefits from the optimization of infrastructure resources, while improving availability and application performance.

The VMS program is delivered via a dedicated and exceptionally skilled team of Virtana Infrastructure Performance Analysts providing expert answers while augmenting the knowledge of your existing staff.

VMS features

  • A monthly Health, Utilization and Performance Report that tracks progress against KPIs
  • Proactive notification management to detect deviations from health, utilization and performance thresholds
  • Urgent Incident Response sessions to assist you with expert troubleshooting advice when you need it the most

Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) Service

The “Cloud” promises IT organizations unprecedent value in the form of cost savings, faster innovation, superior scalability and most importantly – business agility. For many organizations, it is at the core of their IT digital transformation strategy. It is a disruptive force that requires application workload behavior knowledge, careful planning and collaboration from knowledgeable, trusted advisors.

Virtana’s Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) service provides the answers to your key questions while planning any migrations, such as:

  • How do you know which workloads to migrate and which to retain in the data center?
  • How do you choose the best cloud service providers for your applications?
  • How do you determine if migrated workloads are performing adequately and what can you do if they aren’t?

The CMR service takes advantage of years of field experience helping the largest Global 1000 IT enterprises with infrastructure performance management and application workload analysis. Our Virtana CMR service experts will help de-risk your cloud migration by validating the suitability of the targeted applications based on their on-premises performance SLAs, their dependencies, the preservation of performance in the Cloud, and the estimated cost – all before migrating your actual applications to the cloud!

VirtualWisdom Deployment

Virtana experts configure your solution, ensure discovery and data collection, and train your staff in using VirtualWisdom to manage your infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom Deployment Services Brief

Strategic Support Options

Virtana experts help you adopt your AIOps vision by integrating the VirtualWisdom platform fully within your organization and providing ongoing support for on boarding new users, discovering applications, alerts and alarming, maintaining portal health, and troubleshooting urgent incidents.

Strategic Support Options Services Brief

Storage Performance Testing and Validation

We will conduct a vendor-independent comprehensive storage performance validation and testing service for both enterprise IT users and storage vendors.

We provide a variety of testing services, including product benchmarking, limits testing, performance profiling, workload modeling, and vendor-agnostic proofs of concept (POCs). We can conduct this testing at your facility, at your vendors facility or at the facility of your preferred VAR/integrator.


Virtana University provides customers and partners with online and live training options designed to help them improve their knowledge and skills in using the Virtana platform to resolve problems, manage capacity, and enable workload automation.

Virtana University