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Complete Visibility Into Your Cloud Costs

Get clarity on cloud costs and accounts with proactive reports and dashboards to lower your bill


Avoid Billing Surprises

Catch changes to your spending before they affect your bottom line


You’ve seen it happen already. A surge in application usage, or an unexpected change to cloud billing rules, catapults your end-of-the-month bill into the stratosphere – and your budget into the red.

CloudWisdom helps keep your bill under control by notifying your team when daily or monthly usage changes exceed thresholds with email delivered directly to your inbox. Scheduled customized reports keep you up to date on usage tuned to your needs for reporting.

Visualize Your Costs

Visualize your costs across multiple dimensions, including services, months, and availability zones

Get the top-level view or zero-in on just one service to understand the details of your usage and spending trends. With CloudWisdom, create groupings simultaneously in multiple dimensions to examine key cost indicators by availability zone, usage type, tags, and other criteria.


Drill Into Spending Trends

See costs by application, department and more


Focus on the dimensions of your costs across locations, services, groups, time periods. Compare costs day over day or month over month to quickly identify spending increases before it’s too late.

  • Include/exclude specific cost sources using services, tags, or element names
  • Compare historical cost periods to current ones to track billing objectives and stop over-expenditure
  • Group by applications, services, purchase types, and more to understand resource consumption rates across your environment
  • View day-by-day breakdowns of service spend


Review Findings in a Straightforward Cost Table

Download detailed cost information as a CSV file. Save versions of your reports to keep track of savings initiatives or project costs.


Forrester Total Economic Impact – How to find $2M in cost savings through hybrid infrastructure optimization

Download the Forrester Case Study to learn how to find $2M in cost savings through hybrid infrastructure optimization with CloudWisdom and VirtualWisdom

Case Study

CloudWisdom Customer Success Management

CloudWisdom Premier Services are included with your subscription – no professional services agreement or extra costs required


Project Planning

Collaborate with a project manager to set capacity and optimization goals and milestones


Routine Check-ins

Learn about new cloud environment changes and pace your projects advancement


Cost Analysis Coaching

Interpret reports like an expert; we’re always happy to share tips on cost analysis and governance


“With the help of CloudWisdom’s cost-management functionality, Viewpost was able to reduce its AWS infrastructure costs by more than half.”

— Shawn Strickland – Operations Manager for Viewpost

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