Survey shows companies prefer hybrid IT versus full public cloud environments, reinforcing Virtana Customers’ digital transformation approach

San Jose, CA, November 11, 2020 – A vast majority (84%) of companies considered “digital leaders” by IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, are turning to a hybrid cloud approach as they adopt public cloud services to improve IT service delivery. This is according to a survey conducted by IDC and reported in the IDC InfoBrief “Getting to Grips with Hybrid Cloud,” sponsored by Virtana, the leader in hybrid cloud optimization, enabling AIOps and performance monitoring for digital transformation.

The survey found that digital leaders are most open to public clouds, with nearly 1 in 4 (23%) digital leaders using public cloud services compared to just 10% of digital followers. Yet, despite predictions that many companies would move completely to the public cloud, all companies surveyed have a strong preference for maintaining on-premises IT environments for critical applications.

IDC defines digital leaders as the top 25% of companies that invest most heavily in a range of advanced technologies, including public cloud services, that enable them to build an intelligent, automated, and agile IT infrastructure. The IDC InfoBrief reported that this helps them turn IT into a competitive advantage rather than a cost to be cut—which paid off in demonstrably higher revenue growth for digital leaders in 2019 compared to the market as a whole.

“Public clouds have reset expectations for how responsive IT can be, but they are not a magic bullet,” said Andrew Buss, IDC’s Research Director for Enterprise Infrastructure. “Most applications and services delivered in on-premises IT environments need modernizing and simply lifting and shifting apps to the cloud without doing so or changing how they are managed will produce an outcome that is far from optimal. Instead, what’s needed is a holistic strategy for optimizing existing applications and services for the cloud while also developing and deploying new cloud-native applications. A well-managed hybrid cloud IT infrastructure can deliver agility and support innovation while balancing performance, cost, and security.”

Mastering a Hybrid Cloud IT Infrastructure

“These findings reinforce our experience that before companies can leverage public cloud companies with confidence, they must carefully plan before executing migrations and prepare for managing both existing and new applications in a hybrid environment,” said Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer of Virtana. “Poor planning, poor execution, or poor visibility will only exacerbate existing problems, adding additional complexity to the task of IT provisioning and management.”

For additional insights, including a blueprint for seamless hybrid cloud management, read the IDC InfoBrief “Getting to Grips with Hybrid Cloud”.

To hear live research insight and anecdotes from Global Head of Hybrid Cloud Architecture for AstraZeneca Simon Close, Research Director of Enterprise Infrastructure for IDC Andrew Buss, and CTO of Virtana John Gentry, register here for the November 19 webinar.

About the IDC Survey

The survey that formed the basis of the IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Virtana was fielded in October 2020 to determine the attitudes of companies across all industries to adopting public cloud services. Of the 1,187 companies that responded, 38% had more than 1,000 employees, 22% had 500 to 999 employees, and 40% had under 500 employees.

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