Notes From The Road: Virtana Accelerates Time to Value for the Channel

By Sheen Khoury, EVP Global Field Ops & Sales, Virtana

December 4, 2019

I set out on the road to Boston a few weeks ago to meet with our ever-growing ecosystem of partners and customers. I’m always looking to have interesting conversations in the field that will help drive our go-to-market strategy and engage our partners in driving value to their own bottom line. My energy was uniquely high during this trip due to our recent rebrand from “Virtual Instruments” to “Virtana” and the launch of our latest product offering, CloudWisdom

The word “innovation” may be tossed around too freely today, but as I met with our partners, a few things became clear: one, innovation must always be top of mind when dealing with issues that defy solutions, and two, Virtana’s market is as dynamic as it’s ever been, calling for new approaches and solutions.

Our partners and the greater channel community welcomes this shift towards innovation and is embracing our ability to drive value in this increasingly complex space. Today, the Virtana partner Network is built on the 15% of VARs that have embraced the evolution to hybrid infrastructure management, but also have embraced AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) as the toolset that will help customers identify and resolve infrastructure challenges that only get more intractable with growing complexity. 

But with all these time to value changes to the new Virtana, what’s changed for our partners?

What’s the News for Partners?

It means Virtana, as always, must provide our partners with the greatest possible advantage in helping customers keep their infrastructures running optimally. Anything less means lagging performance, compromised availability, or cost inefficiency. 

Virtana’s partner program has long been honored for helping address these challenges head-on. And that’s good. But how do we differentiate our partner program from those of other vendors? Here are just a few of the highlights:

New Bundles: New bundles, such as WisdomPacks, give partners a huge advantage in adapting Virtana’s flagship, VirtualWisdom, to the needs of customers who want tailored solutions. “Our customers have made it clear that when it comes to selecting infrastructure management and AIOps solutions, they value flexibility and performance assurance above all else,” said Neil Mistry, Founder and CEO at Managing Information Systems 3, a member of the VIP Network. “The new WisdomPacks make it easier for us to deploy VirtualWisdom for customer specific environments.”

Real-Time Visibility: Virtana is first to provide a toolset that offers real-time responsiveness to complex infrastructure issues. The risks of those issues have never been greater. According to a recent survey by Forbes, an unplanned data center outage cost more than $7,900 per minute. The engine for this real-time responsiveness is the AIOps approach embedded into Virtana: We use big data analytics, machine learning (ML) and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate the identification and resolution of critical infrastructure issues.

Rewards for Partner Sales: Unlike traditional partner programs, upward progression through the partner network ties directly to the introduction of new customer opportunities into Virtana’s sales pipeline, not on compliance requirements or revenue levels. Partners are protected with a well-defined deal registration process that provides further rewards to VARs who originate opportunities on their own. 

I recently met with Ed McCann, a Virtana partner and VP of Sales of ConRes, a hybrid IT services/solution Provider. Here’s what he said: “The makers of products for detecting, isolating and resolving infrastructure faults could not, realistically, have envisioned the issues that would afflict their customers’ infrastructures even ten years into the future. But visualizing the incredible complexity that would ensue over just a decade is what Virtana has always done best. And so, partnering with Virtana just made sense, and it’s become the platform on which we’ve built a great deal of our business opportunities.”

The public and private cloud markets are thirsty for innovative solutions, and Virtana will continue to deliver on our promise of providing industry-leading hybrid infrastructure monitoring and performance validation solutions powered by AIOps. We’re committed to meet the industry’s need to move towards a world of automation and digital transformation, and we’re bringing our partners with us. Virtana recognizes that our partners are essential for our continued success. Click here to learn more about partnering with Virtana, and be sure to stay up on the latest and greatest in hybrid AIOps by following us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook