Major Media Take Notice of the Virtana Unveiling

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

November 4, 2019

It’s been almost two weeks since we said goodbye to Virtual Instruments, and hello to Virtana – a company focused on helping customers take a modern, AIOps-empowered approach to managing their hybrid IT infrastructure. As part of introducing the world to Virtana, we also announced the launch of the latest addition to our portfolio of hybrid infrastruture monitoring solutions – CloudWisdom

We took a deep dive into the meaning behind the rebrand in an earlier blog post, as well as an introduction to CloudWisdom, but let’s take a step back and see what the media had to say about the news and what it means for the company and our customers moving forward. 

As we discussed in our last blog post, the name Virtana pays homage to our VI legacy, but it also stands for Real-Time Analytics and Automation. As you can imagine, media and analysts alike were interested in the company’s positioing in a rapidly developing market for advanced monitoring, cost optimization and workload automation across hybrid envirnments. In fact, CRN’s Joseph Tsidulko said that Virtana’s technology “will drive a fundamental change in how enterprises monitor their heterogenous infrastructure across on-premises and public clouds.”

Mike Wheatley notes in his article for SiliconANGLE that Virtana’s ability to help enterprises to understand, manage, optimize and automate their hybrid information technology environments is especially poignant, due in part to the fact that hybrid cloud is becoming increasingly popular with enterprises as they realize there are significant benefits running different applications and services on the most appropriate type of infrastructure. 

Other reporters highlighted Virtana’s focus on AI and automation as a key differentiator in the market. In a piece for, Mike Vizard said that Virtana will “differentiate itself by pursuing a more application-centric approach to delivering on the promise of AIOps.” Our CEO, Philippe Vincent, also noted that Virtana’s ability to combine cloud monitoring with built-in tools for optimizing cloud costs is  a key differentatior, and there is a huge opportunity for us to disrupt a highly fractured monitoring category by leveraging AIOps at an unprecedented level of scale and scope.

In his article for Data Center Knowledge, Wylie Wong cites George Crump, lead analyst at Storage Switzerland and long-time follower of our progress in the storage and virtualization market. According to Crump, “Virtana is one of the few who can span the whole scope from the very low level of on-premise infrastructure and storage to the high levels of apps in the cloud.” Another article for TechTarget’s SearchStorage cites Paul Bevan, research director for IT Infrastructure at Bloor Research, who said that we’re one of the few companies that can handle huge volumes of real-time data and start to do predictive analytics on the fly. These kinds of capabilities can be worth millions of dollars to users who need to stop outages and prevent performance degradation to critical applications, he added.

As Virtana, we’ve combined our heritage of highly granular, real-time application infrastructure monitoring with advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities to ultimately offer comprehensive monitoring and policy-driven capacity optimization and automated problem resolution. According to Torsten Volk, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, this approach is becoming more and more relevant in light of hybrid applications, consisting of traditional monolithic enterprise apps that are extended through modern microservices. We’re so excited for this next phase in our journey, and hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next. 

Media have featured Virtana in a number of other articles that discuss our rebrand and the launch of CloudWisdom, including pieces in Silicon Valley Business JournalTMCnet and Dataversity. To learn more about Virtana and the new CloudWisdom platform, click here, and be sure to stay up on the latest and greatest in hybrid AIOps by following us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.P.S., You can now try a free 30-day trial version of both our flagship hybrid infrastructure monitoring solution, VirtualWisdom, and our latest cloud cost optimization and monitoring platform, CloudWisdom. Request your free trials today.