A Message from Virtana’s CTO: We’re Here to Help

By John Gentry, CTO

March 20, 2020

I’m sheltering-in-place here in the Bay Area, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to communicate. In fact, it’s actually increased the time I’ve had to reach out to our customers to see how they’re doing and if our solutions for performance availability monitoring of critical systems are helping them adjust to the rapidly changing nature, pattern, and volume of workloads in this unprecedented time. Whether it was a conversation with an online trading platform, or a discussion with the operations team at a major medical provider, they’ve reassured me that the visibility we’re providing, and their ability to ensure the performance of the underlying systems supporting their applications, is helping and allows them to focus on their job.

I thought to myself, if this is true for the customers I’m talking to, what more could we be doing? It made me realize we should be reaching out and offering to help anyone who’s challenged with performance and availability of their mission-critical applications. So, whether you’re trying to provide better patient care and need reliability in your electronic patient record systems, or you’re trying to support cloud-native online collaboration and communications tools as everyone goes remote, let us know if we can help.

If you’re an existing customer with Virtana solutions already in place and need help to troubleshoot a problem, build a new report or dashboard to look at an application that maybe wasn’t top of mind before, or expand the footprint to cover more of your infrastructure as your digital systems become more and more the center of day-to-day life, please let us know.

If you’ve never used Virtana, but need help triaging a situation, we have a rapid response team and the ability to deploy our solutions remotely to get your systems back up and running, so you can focus on supporting your business, again, please let us know. 

In both cases, it’s on us. We are extending, free of charge, all software licenses that are currently operational to reach as many target points needed to mitigate risk and bring control to your unexpected challenges. Details about the program are available here.

One of the things I’ve always taken pride in here at Virtana is that we genuinely help our customers. We’re here to do that during the COVID-19 crisis. Reach out, we’ll be there, and we’ll get through this together.